With generous support from Ericsson Hungary we could contribute to Researchers’ Night 2016. We were stations no. 18 and 25 on the first floor of Science Park, and we even had RR Rescube Robotics with us. We had great fun, and ran out of leaflets in half-time, not much later also of brochures. Of course we had our dose of technical issues, but the team fought heroically, so apart of smaller glitches and battery replacements, everything went smooth. Visitor feedbacks were very positive, we saw plenty of smiles and excited eyes.

A member of the Association’s board, Emil Novák, and his team reached first place in SzerCode challenge with a wearable circuit which can be configured with small switches (DIP switches) to beam the wearer’s dating preferences. If two people with matching preferences meet, an LED heart lights up to let them know. Basically it’s a wearable Tinder. Congratulations to Emil and his team!

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