We had an awesome meetup with rich content. Of course we had most of the things we usually do (Hailfire and the like), but we had our shiny new kit’s first two instances. This kit will be used for teaching and training purposes, and will also be sold separately. We also saw wonderful creations from one of our new members, Tamás: a hexapod designed and 3D printed by himself, a custom built super-fast rover, and a Lego-hybrid groundwork machine.

Then came the amazing presentation on 3D printing by Péter Szabó from 3D Academy. The presentation was best described by the other Tamás afterwards: “our intellectual horizon has been widened significantly”. Not only is Péter an excellent presenter, but he’s also an expert on industrial manufacturing, and particularly on cutting-edge methods like different laser-based technologies and design technology. We got a glimpse of all possibilities available to us right now, and 5 years from now, and we were all very inspired to take advantage of the newly discovered seemingly endless possibilities.

We had a short pause during the presentation which we had some fine pizza, and after the presentation we took a look at Team Essort’s plan for Bastion v2.0. The plans are ambitious, but doable, and will result in a world-class robot capable of things never seen before. This might sound far-fetched, but rest assured that it’s no exaggeration.

As usual, we ended up in the workshop, and made some progress on certain things, for example our second 3D printer. Of course we also discussed many matters, shared problems, received and gave advice. We headed home around 2-3 AM.

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