Robot building courses are starting

To register, please push the button on the bottom of the page, but first please read the useful information below.

  • Dates

    Courses are mostly held on Saturdays. Since we don’t have enough applicants to start regular courses, please register with the button on the bottom of the page, indicate “Other date”, and specify English as language. As soon as we have enough applicants, we’ll launch the course.

    Depending on registrations the plan might change, everyone will be notified in time via email.

  • Language

    If there are enough registrants (at least 6) who all speak English, we will hold an English course with a native speaker teacher and English-speaking assistants.

  • Group size

    Ideal group size is 10. We won’t have larger groups than that, because during the course assistants are aiding students, and a higher group size would lead to chaos. Minimum group size is 6.

  • Ages 8 and above

    There is no upper limit, as long as you can hold a screwdriver, you’re welcome. Some parts of the presentations are incomprehensible for an 8 year old, so we encourage kids to go and play with the prepared games whenever they feel that their attention is no longer on the material.

  • Parents and siblings

    With every child one parent can participate with no additional cost. If the parent needs catering, that has a cost of 3 000,- Ft. Siblings have a 50% price discount from the course fee, so instead of 20 000,- Ft they can participate for 10 000,- Ft.

  • Bring your laptop, or rent one

    If you don’t have one, please let us know, and we’ll rent you one. This will cost 5 000,- Ft. You can bring any laptop: Windows, Mac, Linux are all good. Just have a free USB port, we’ll use that to program the robot. Experience shows that computers which are slow, unresponsive, or generally unreliable cause a lot of pain in the neck during programming. Please bring a computer which is reliable and reasonably fast to ensure your best experience.

  • We provide everything else

    All other tools necessary to assemble and operate the robot are provided by us. No dangerous tools are needed, so we won’t solder or use a glue gun. We’ll make a unique and wonderful robot without these.

  • Get your own personalized robot

    During the course we assemble a smaller drawing robot, and program it to draw various drawings for us. If you prefer, you can take it home, in this case we’ll engrave your name into it. The robot costs 18 000,- Ft.

  • You can get a computer too

    If you don’t have a computer, and would like one, we can give that to you too. We prepare a Raspberry Pi 3 based computer that you just have to plug into a wall outlet and your TV (or monitor), and it’s ready to use. It comes with all necessary software to program robots. The kit contains the following:

    • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Power supply
    • Case
    • SD card with installed OS and robot development environment
    • HDMI cable
    • Wireless keyboard with built-in touchpad

    The kit costs 50 000,- Ft. Please indicate on the registration form if you need one, because we don’t keep these in stock, so we must know in advance if you need one.

  • From 10 am to 4 pm

    Gathering is at 9:30 AM, work begins at 10:00 AM sharp. Please have breakfast at home. Snacks, mineral water and soda, and coffee for grown-ups are all available. If you wish, we can provide you lunch and afternoon snack, which costs 3 000,- Ft. But you can also bring your own food, if you prefer that. The course itself lasts until 4:00 PM, and after that there’s a happy hour during which you can visit the Association’s workshop, and 3D print or laser cut some small things for your entertainment.

  • We’ll cover mechanics, electronics, and software

    Course material covers the entire process of building a robot.

    • First we discuss mechanical solutions and different kinds of robots, then we assemble the mechanics. After that, a break.
    • After the break we take a look at the electronical structure of the robot, learn the most important concepts about this, and connect the circuitry. After that, lunch break.
    • In the third part we learn to program the robot using colored building blocks. We learn the basics of software development, and draw some interesting and funny drawings. We do that in two parts, and have afternoon snack in the meantime.
  • Costs

    From the 1st of January, 2018, the course costs 25 000,- Ft. The Association is tax exempt, so this is a gross price. Further options can be chosen:

    • If you want to take your robot home, and have your name on it, it’ll cost 22 000,- Ft. This includes 4 pcs AA batteries, and the cable necessary to program the robot.
    • Lunch and afternoon snack cost 3 000,- Ft (together). If you have any food allergy or other request, please let us know well in advance.
    • We can rent you a laptop for 5 000,- Ft. The advantage of bringing your own one is that all necessary software tools will be installed on it, and you can continue the project at home.
    • We can also provide you a computer which you can take home, and program your robot with it. You’ll need a TV or a monitor at home, with HDMI connection. The computer pack (Raspberry Pi 3 + power supply + SD card + HDMI cable + keyboard) costs 50 000,- Ft. The keyboard is wireless and comes with a built-in touchpad. Please let us know in advance if you’d like to have that, because we don’t have stock of these items.

    Of course we’ll give an invoice of everything. Payment can be done in cash on the spot, or via bank transfer in advance. Registered participants will receive an advance requesting email 2-3 weeks before the course itself. We usually ask for 10 000,- HUF in advance. All further details are included in that email.

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